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1. What's New - The lastest upgrades to your FusionBot Service
Learn about the newest innovations implemented by the FusionBot Team. Take full advantage of all the features your FusionBot subscription has to offer.
... title match, and display URL formatting. 07/28/2008 15. Embeddable & Dynamic Most Popular Pages Lis ... - Embed into any page on your website a dynamic list of the most frequently clicked (popular) pages ... FireFox 2.0+ and IE7+ users to add your search engine to their browser's built-in search box / tool ...
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2. FAQ - How do I implement a mini-portal on my site?
FusionBot Frequently Asked Questions - Find the answers to your most frequently asked questions.
... for your mini-portal entries, add them to your robots.txt file or to your Online Exclusions Form, b ... wish to exclude as an absolute URL. You can also use your mini-portal to specify multiple entry poi ... implement, mini, portal, site, website, sitelist, list, sites, miniportal, mini-portal, help, imple ...
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3. FAQ - How do I implement FusionBot using NetObjects Fusion?
FusionBot Frequently Asked Questions - Find the answers to your most frequently asked questions.
... Set the Action to search URL: Where XXX is the value of ... FAQ. Set the Method to: GET Add the following hidden field by clicking the plus (+) button and then ... the Internet and the FusionBot Web site. In the search form settings, make sure you correctly typed ...
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