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1. FusionBot Service Agreement - Terms of Use
FusionBot is brought to you by LOGIKA Corporation, an innovative developer of custom search solutions that benefit the Web community.
... As stated previously, service greater than or equal to half of the current month's days constitutes ...
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2. FAQ - What are the maximum number of pages that can be indexed on my site?
FusionBot Frequently Asked Questions - Find the answers to your most frequently asked questions.
... content. If your needs are greater than what our standard turnkey packages offer, please contact ou ...
99.4% faqs/ faq2.asp 17k
3. FAQ - Can I cluster my search results into specific groups or categories?
FusionBot Frequently Asked Questions - Find the answers to your most frequently asked questions.
... results per group defined. If a greater number of results exist for a particular category than the ...
96.4% faqs/ faq110.asp 20k
4. FusionBot Template Object Tag Documentation
FusionBot Template Object Tag Documentation
... is still valid, to allow for greater formatting control of the individual elements of the search re ... In this manner, rather than placing the actual object tag $LGK_RESULTS between the $LGK_RESULTS_IF/ ...
84.8% pdfs/ template_documentation.pdf#page=12 788k PDF
5. Site Search Support Center - XML Documentation
Undertanding the content within the FusionBot XML feed.
... where Rank less than 10. Len Size, in bytes, of matching document. Lmd Date indexed page was last m ... on your search results for a greater description of the content on the matching page. This is the t ...
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6. What's New - The lastest upgrades to your FusionBot Service
Learn about the newest innovations implemented by the FusionBot Team. Take full advantage of all the features your FusionBot subscription has to offer.
... or phrases are searched, rather than to the FusionBot generated search results page. 07/30/2002 78. ... for entire site. 04/24/2002 85. Greater control over how sites included in your mini-portal are ind ...
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7. FAQ - How does the FusionBot template object's IF / ENDIF logic work?
FusionBot Frequently Asked Questions - Find the answers to your most frequently asked questions.
... object tag. Also, for even greater control, you may nest IF / ENDIF blocks within one another. Foll ... block will be printed, rather than the contents of the IF block: $LGK_MATCHED_IF BR font face= aria ...
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