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1. Free Site Search Engine by - Website & eCommerce Search Engine
Add a free site search engine to your site instantly. Site search, sitemap, and reporting solutions. The Web's most powerful site search engine.
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2. LOGIN to Administer Your Free Site Search Engine -
Member login page. Bookmark this page for quick access to the MyFusionBot member center.
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3. Subscriber Page - Free Site Search Engine -
Subscribe to the Web's most innovative, easy to implement site-search utility.
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4. Packages - Free, Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum Site Search / Vertical Search Plans
FusionBot offers a variety of site search packages, one of which is sure to fit your needs.
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5. Features List
The FusionBot technology offers the Web's most cutting edge, feature rich site search, sitemap, and reporting solutions.
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6. Site Search Valued Customer List
Click to view a sampling of FusionBot free site search and paid site search engine implementations
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7. About FusionBot - Free Site Search Engine, Sitemap, and Reporting Solutions
FusionBot is brought to you by LOGIKA Corporation, an innovative developer of custom site search solutions.
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8. Site Search Customer Support Center
FusionBot Site Search Support Center - Find answers to your most commonly asked questions.
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9. Customized Site Search Results - The Power of Fusion
Through the FusionBot customization wizard, it's as easy as point, click, cut and paste, to create seamless site search results.
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10. FusionBot Sitemap Features - Free Site Search Engine
All site search packages include a link to your site's Table of Contents via the FusionBot generated sitemap.
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  • BJJ Sports
  • National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

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