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1. FAQ - How do I get my search results to display within the appropriate frame / window?
FusionBot Frequently Asked Questions - Find the answers to your most frequently asked questions.
... and wish for their search result to appear in a target frame different from the frame where the sea ...
100.0% faqs/ faq22.asp 19k
2. FAQ - When a user clicks on a link within my search results or sitemap page, can I control the
FusionBot Frequently Asked Questions - Find the answers to your most frequently asked questions.
... https://, resulting in a search result's target value being assigned when the result's URL matches ...
99.8% faqs/ faq25.asp#multi-target 22k
3. Features List - Search Display Options / Features
The FusionBot technology offers the Web's most cutting edge, feature rich site search, sitemap, and reporting solutions.
... as part of each matching page's result. More Set Target Frame for Search Results - Choose the frame ...
98.3% features.asp?typ=4 19k
4. FAQ - Can I display a product image / thumbnail for matching documents within my search results?
FusionBot Frequently Asked Questions - Find the answers to your most frequently asked questions.
... be different than the default target window when clicking a text link within the search results. Wh ...
98.3% faqs/ faq98.asp 19k
5. What's New - The lastest upgrades to your FusionBot Service
Learn about the newest innovations implemented by the FusionBot Team. Take full advantage of all the features your FusionBot subscription has to offer.
... 92. Set the value of the target frame for where your search results should appear when clicked upon ...
96.9% whatsnew.asp 78k
6. FusionBot Template Object Tag Documentation
FusionBot Template Object Tag Documentation
... link is clicked in your search results. This object tag is replaced with the value set within your ... on setting the default target frame value within your account, please reference the following FAQ. ...
91.0% pdfs/ template_documentation.pdf#page=14 788k PDF
7. Site Search Support Center - XML Documentation
Undertanding the content within the FusionBot XML feed.
... Target No Attributes HREF target value assigned to the thumbnail. 1.2 Synonym No Attributes Synonym ... and corresponding synonyms that resulted in a matching search result. This tag allows you to displa ...
78.6% faqs/ xml_documentation.asp 36k
8. FusionBot Data Extraction Documentation
FusionBot Data Extraction Documentation
... Url/Href TNT - Thumbnail Target REL - Related/Region The above indicators are FusionBot "reserved" ... of each item's (page's) search result, such as the display of a price value for each item, or the d ...
76.5% pdfs/ data_extraction_documentation.pdf#page=2 422k PDF
9. FusionBot Data Extract XML Documentation
FusionBot Data Extract XML Documentation
... Url/Href TNT - Thumbnail Target REL - Related/Region They are referenced above simply as a means to ... in time_t, used to sort results by date added to database / newest to system, if desired. Many time ...
71.1% pdfs/ FusionBot_Data_Extract_XML_Syntax.pdf#page=5 60k PDF
10. FusionBot Product Overview
FusionBot Product Overview
... solution for highly relevant, targeted search results around a particular segment of the Internet. ...
68.4% pdfs/ fusionbot_spec.pdf#page=1 109k PDF

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